Meet Aaron Patin

"VUB provided a good nexus point to get in contact with different resources for my academic journey and made the whole process much more seamless..."

Meet Mattea Lyn Brandon

"I honestly wouldn’t have made it to where I am if Curtis Addleman and others in the program hadn’t helped me..."

Meet Caleb Abdinoor 

"The VUB program has helped me by giving me mentorship and guidance to navigate the enrollment process..."

Meet Shanequa Barnes

"Transitioning from a soldier’s position to a civilian has had quite an impact on my life."

Meet Chris Charles

"VUB's comprehensive support and holistic approach to student success make them an invaluable ally on the educational journey."

Meet Warisuddeen Ansariddeen

My experience at Veteran’s Upward Bound so far has been very helpful and educational.
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